Gardening is a part of horticulture. Horticulture is the cultivation and sale of fruits, nuts, flowers and ornamental plants for consumption, beauty, and other commercial purposes. In gardening, both ornamental and useful plants are cultivated.

Gardening is a process of relaxation for many - This fact has also been backed by research. There is a bacteria named Mycobacterium Vaccae which is found in soil. This bacteria stimulates the production of serotonin in the brain and serotonin is the chemical responsible for a sense of happiness and wellbeing. In this way, the practice of gardening can help to combat many psychiatric problems. This bacteria has a positive impact on some physical ailments as well. It has been observed that gardening helps thought processes as well. A survey by Gardeners World Magazine has shown that 80% of the people who gardened felt satisfied and contented while 67% of those who didn’t report to be unhappy and dissatisfied. It has also been seen that the act of plucking fruits and flowers releases Dopamine, which is another chemical responsible for happiness. Gardening also provides exercise for the body, and it adds beauty, color, and variety to life.

Use of plant pots for gardening – Flower pots are used for the cultivation and transport of plants. These pots have been an integral part of horticulture for centuries. The Egyptians were the first to use pots for transportation. The colors, shapes, and sizes of the pots vary a lot, and a variety of materials are used for the manufacture of flower pots. These materials are plastic, wood, polyethylene, fiberglass, metal, ceramic stone and terracotta. Generally, people use terracotta pots as they absorb moisture which is used by plants. Different sizes are available for different plants, and the wide range of colors add to the decorative value of the flower pots.

Here is a line for you – Flower pots are available in hardware stores, nurseries, floral shops, and some special markets. But with the advent of online shopping, many people don’t bother to physically move from shop to shop especially when the online portals offer good deals and a wide range of choices. All Pottery offers such a portal. Surfers can find varieties of flower pots at the site. The pottery house also has its presence in many garden centers and nurseries in U.S. and Canada.

The portal offers a beautiful and gorgeous set of four flower pots for gardening purposes. These pots can be placed in your garden, balcony or even inside the rooms. They come in four different sizes and offer a proper grip to the users. These flowering pots are amongst the various gardening planters offered by the pottery house. It has been working with a leading factory in Vietnam to develop high-quality earthenware. These products are luxurious and stylish as well. Apart from designers, architects and other professionals, customers also buy the products for domestic use. They can be found in many gardens and nurseries in the U.S. and Canada. The pots produced by the line also score high on counts of durability and appearance. If you are looking for some greenery in your life with serene beauty, this line is a great choice.

Planters are basically required for home gardens. Before buying planters, a few important decisions are to be made. The customer has to take decisions regarding the price ranges, material, texture, color, etc. Planters are made of various materials like ceramic, wood, plastic, fiberglass and stone. The weight of the planters depends on the material. Let us have a look at the different types of planters:

Plastic Planters – These are very light, and their prices are quite reasonable. You can find these at stores which sell hardware items and goods required for gardening. However, plastic planters are not too catchy. If you are looking for gorgeous planters for your garden, then these might not be your first preference.

Wood Planters – if you are looking for attractive stuff which is light as well, then you may go for the wooden variety. Although these are better than plastic planters, they don’t come in too many colors and are not much durable.

Ceramic Planters – These are heavier than the plastic and wooden ones. The prices of ceramic planters vary a lot; hence you may have more choices. But these are not much durable and can break easily.

Fiberglass Planters – These are more durable and heavy than the varieties mentioned above. They come in a variety of colors but are expensive. Fiberglass planters are also called glass fiber reinforced concrete or GFRC. You can find these planters as well in a variety of color combinations.

Natural Concrete Planters – They are also called stone planters. These are even heavier than fiberglass planters. You should also know that these are a higher end variety if you want to avoid a pocket pinch. But given the color choices and the durability of natural concrete planters, they may not be a bad deal.

Ceramic is a solid material which is brittle and strong in compression but weak as far as shearing and tension are concerned. Some examples of ceramic material are brick, porcelain, earthenware and bone china. Ceramics were first used in pottery. Ceramic materials now find themselves in homes and factories for various purposes. They are also used for artistic purposes. Planters made of ceramics can also be considered a form of ceramic art. Ceramic planters are used by many gardeners who have an aesthetic sense. If you are looking for large ceramic planters, visit All Pottery. It has been supplying high quality outdoor glazed earthenware to the North American market for the last 20 years. It has been producing a variety of designs for its customers. The planters manufactured by the brand can be seen in homes as well as in commercial and public places. Themes drawn from French art, coastal life and tropical rain forests are widely used in the designing of the products offered by the brand. They are available in a large variety of color combinations and are handmade. A very old technique is used.

The ceramic planters available at the online portal of the brand are designed to satisfy customers who have good sense of art. They are pocket-friendly as well. You can be assured that these planters will be a good bargain for you.

The pots and planters are said to compliment your style, personality as well as your home interiors in a wide variety of ways. You might prefer an elegant, contemporary look or want to create a more antique aesthetic feel around, but one thing that you need to bear in mind is, be it anything your home should depict your style and persona. You need to choose pots and planters that would resonate with you and the uniqueness of your home. You can take a look at those stunning hanging pots and others that are placed on the floors, which makes the rooms appear neat and well-organized, undoubtedly.

Check out these amazing budget-friendly planter picks which are perfect for any outdoor makeover:

  • Metal pots - If you have been looking to design and decorate your home with a bit of glam in your outdoor area, then you can very well opt for a metal pot. This could be the one with intricate detailing on it and it would enhance the overall look of the space. Another thing that you need to remember is that if you have been livening in a warmer climate, then you can go ahead and buy these planters without a second thought.

  • Clay pots - If you have a keen interest in cooking then you can search for small sized pots in which you can sow herb saplings that you can use later while cooking. In this way, you can start a great kitchen game while maintaining health and hygiene. You can buy fantastic colorful pots made from ceramic or clay and line them on window sills or kitchen slabs.

  • Concrete pots – Concrete pots are an excellent addition to your home. They carte a more modern wave when placed in any part of the room, be it your drawing room, balcony or even washrooms. You can purchase large outdoor planters made from concrete which would last longer than other planters.

  • Chalkboard pots - Chalkboard pots and planters are a great way to identify plants. It basically creates an entertainment factor for kids that enjoy gardening. They would gladly sit before these planters and draw some fun pictures on the front of the pots.

  • Self-watering pots – If you often fail to water your plants, then it would be best to buy such self-watering planters. In these planters what really happens is, once you fill the pot’s reservoir, the plants will be able to absorb the water whenever needed, thus, eliminating the trouble of watering them regularly.

  • Affixed to wall planters – These are basically wall hanging planters which are affixed to walls with the help of a hook. Such delicate planters are a great solution for delicate plants that would compliment your outdoor space. These are available in a wide variety of designs and textures. You can easily match them to your color of the walls and furniture.

The pots and planters are definitely a great way to enhance the beauty of your house. Apart from this, you can look for stunning outdoor water fountains too which would add much element and drama to your outdoor space without any doubt.

Your home is surely going to look more organized, neat and balanced when you decorate it with planters and pots. There are large ceramic planters, intricately designed wooden plant pots, pots affixed to walls and the likes that add an aesthetic feel to your home decor. The fresh and refreshing ambiance not only enhances the beauty but also helps in clearing the air around. Therefore, engage yourself in the trending green decor and enhance the beauty of your indoors and outdoors easily. It is highly important to choose ideal pots and planters for plants and take the necessary steps to beautify your home. So, read below to find out what details you need to take into consideration before buying pots and planters for your home:

  • Choose wisely and be clear about planters and pots

When you are all set to purchase plant pots, chances are high that you may end up buying more pots than you need. It is obvious that you will feel bewildered on seeing the wide collection of pots with intricate detailing and unique designs, but what you need to keep in mind are your budget and requirement. You may come across large ceramic planters which may be too big or have your eyes on some attractive small ones too, but might not find the one that you need.

In all such situations, it is best to wait and not end up slugging money on unwant5ed planters. If you live in a small studio apartment, then opt for subtle pots and not large mouthed copper planters which would certainly look too loud, oversized and appear impractical in that space. Apparently, you need to be picky while choosing flowering pots for your interiors. You need to be specific about size and design that would compliment the look and not just consume space.

Check out the exclusive flower pots and planters collection from All Pottery. They offer you sound advice on everything pertaining to the design and style of pots that will enhance the aesthetic sense of your living space and other rooms.

  • Decide the style, design and color of the pots you need

Before you begin with the purchase, it is extremely important to choose the type and style of pots you want to buy. Soon after this, prepare a checklist and decide where you want to place those pots, for example inside the house, in the hallway, at the entrance, on the terrace, in the balcony, in the lawn, and so on. Once you are done with the above, move on to the colors and style that would create that oomph factor. These things are necessary to understand the purpose and functionality of the pots so that you can decide whether it would be best to place them indoors or outdoors.

  • Do not forget to plan like an artist

Lastly, do not forget to design your home like an artist! You need to be wise while composing if you want to add that special atmosphere in and around your home. This will prevent you from clustering and making your home look more compact. Look for different textured and unique tones while choosing plant pots. Also, check if they are complimenting perfectly with the walls and furniture of your home. According to experts, you can try picking up three compatible textures with the same color tone, or search for a set of two/three pots that vary in different sizes but are of the similar color and texture.

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